July 9, 2014

Our 4th of July in Honduras

Our Fourth of July started with the native Honduran teachers decorating the language school to surprise their American students. 

We all had our classes as usual through out the day - but no homework!

After classes we went to town and got ice cream at the Mennonite store for our picnic in the evening!

We had a full cook out with Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Jello, chips... ect!

And after dinner the language school had fireworks so we walked up to the field were they were shooting them off to watch. The streets were crowded with Honduras that came out to see the fireworks as well... So cute listening to all the Honduran kids so enjoying the fireworks!


And then some random pictures of us kids from our evening!

Us four oldest girls 

 All of us girls!

The "middle" girls!

Little 'cool' man! 

Hope you all had a great Independence Day as well!

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Anna McCracken said...

Aww, looks like yuo guys had a blast!!!! Love the dresses!