April 2, 2010

One Year In New Zealand!!!

For our one year anniversary in New Zealand we have decided to share with you all some of our highlights of the year! There were some very hard choices for many but in all we covered all the top things, I think. This past year has been so incredible watching all that the Lord has done for us and through us! We could not ask for anything better. I have also found some pictures to go along so I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into our first year in New Zealand!!!

Linda - Were else would you live??? This is were I have learned to roll over, sit up, crawl, and walk. Pukekohe carrots and potatoes are nice! And I have plenty of people to love me and love on me!!! I love my pushchair too!

Alicia - Via's birthday party was so much fun! She is a friend here and we had fun playing at her birthday party!

Felicity - Elianna visit was my favorite! She sat on the bench with us at meals sometimes and let us squeeze on the couch with her at Bible time and read us books and taught school. I like letter boxing, door knocking, passing out tracts, and going to towne.

Malachi - Mowing lawns with Matthew has been fun! Going to the bike shop is always fun! They have tons of bikes to look at!

Mercy - My eight year old birthday party was a highlight!!! My family gave me a surprise party! They kept me out of the sleep out and decorated it! They had a nice table for lunch and a present table. There was also a big "Happy 8th Birthday Mercy" sign and balloons! We played some games. I got some new dresses and a big book that I use for a scrapbook. I enjoyed the day!

Nicolea - The highlight of the year for me was taking music lessons and chalk art lessons from Elianna! I took piano lessons from her for two months. I learned how to play some songs. It was fun! It was fun practicing specials to sing for each Sunday with her! I learned how to do some chalk art from her too. It was all fun!!!
Nicolea and friends here in New Zealand!

Ezra - The highlight for me was our trip to the New Zealand National Maritime Museum up in Auckland. We went to the museum in June because it was free to all those living in Franklin district. There were heaps and heaps of boats and things to see. It was a great day!!!
Ezra is in the upper left corner.

Matthew - Just being in New Zealand has been a huge highlight! After all the years of deputation it has been great to be were I have longed to be for the past five years.
Matthew witnessing!!!

Emmaline - I think that I would have to say that the highlight of the year for me was Elianna's 2 month visit! She was SUCH a blessing to me, and I learned so much from her. Another highlight for me was Bible club. It is so great to see all the kids who knew basically nothing about God memorizing verses.

Jillian - Highlight, well, there are two things that I can't choose between so I'll list both!!! Bible Club has been a HUGE highlight! I love working with the kids here. Helping them memorize there verses and answering there questions about the Bible has been SO great! The other highlight is Elianna's two month visit! She was a huge blessing, encouragement, and help to me in so many ways! The Lord has given me a wonderful year in New Zealand, with so many blessings!!!

Mom - How do you separate out just one thing! I love going into the school to teach Bible. The children before school come running up to me in the school yard with heaps of questions about us as a family and God and his Word. But than again, whenever a new little one is born in our home that is the highlight for that year! Linda's birth 1 May was a great day!
Mom working with one of the kids here!

Dad - The highlight of the year for me was Tui being saved and giving out seven Bibles to kids at Bible Club!
Daddy preaching at the rest home!!!

P.S. Yes this is a bit late but thought you might enjoy it anyways!!! Let us know what you think. Thanks