November 15, 2013

Our Trip Out West

The Month of September found us with meetings in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota! We were in some great churches and had a great set of meetings... and along the way we were able to have some fun as a family enjoying God's creation!

The Bad Lands in North Dakota.

And... we attempted to get a picture of us up here but the wind was whipping. :P So amazing how you reach a high point and the wind is stronger then anything in the East, and yet in the valley it's so calm and quiet.

Climbing :)

Every time we reach a high point he would point to the next and say, "On top, on top!"

Mercy Dear

These rock faces are a blast to climb. ;)

My little girl!

Devils Tower in Wyoming.
(More pictures of this hike coming in the next post.)

 The sky in Montana and all of the west is beyond explanation.
Thunderstorms are amazing to watch out there where you can see so very far.

Crazy Horse in South Dakota!

Mount Rushmore is always a blast to visit!

The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD!

Playing East Coast West Coast with friends in SD after church one Sunday.

Home Sweet Home :)

November 2, 2013

Little Ladies

Last month we spent a couple weeks at a friends house/church in Tennessee. The pastors kids are the only kids in the church so they greatly enjoyed having my siblings around! One Sunday evening Sarah put on a tea party for all the little girls! She did a incredible job and they had a blast!