July 22, 2014

Exciting Days

Yesterday we got back from a trip to Lejamani. Let me (Mercy) take a couple minutes to tell you about it.

We went to visit the Horton's. We left on Friday at 1:30. We walked to the bus stop (since we do not have a car). Dad deiced that we should brake into groups because Mom, Amy, and Emmy have Spanish class until four. So in the first group there was Matthew, Jillian, Ezra, Nikki, Malachi, and I and the rest came after the ladies finished school. So we got on the bus and five of us had to share four seats. Soon we got off the bus on the edge of Comayagua to catch a bus to Lejamani. This second bus was just leaving Comayagua so even standing space was about full. But we found space for us and our luggage. As people continued to get off in small towns we slowly all got seats. By the time we got to the Horton's there was very few people left on the bus. Each of the bus rides were 45-50min long.

We walked up the driveway from the main road to the Horton's house.

We went into out room and unpacked.

Then the Horton's two little girls, Julia(6) and Emily(5), wanted us to play. So we played on the trampoline first, then in the Hammock, and then we played Hide-and-Go Seek until the rest of the family got there that evening.
(Picture is me reading books to the kids later on that evening.)

Then we had a dinner of fried tortillas with cheese and fried bananas.

In the morning we went to the Market in Comayagua to pass out tracts. We would go in and out of all the little shops and through all the stalls passing out tracts. It was so much fun.

When we got home us girls (Jillian, Emmaline, Amy, Nikki, and I) babysat while the parents all went shopping at the market in La Paz.

There was another family(the Smiths) that had four kids were also staying at the Horton's house.

So we had 11 kids 11 to 5 months to watch.:):) So much fun!!!!!!!!!

That night we had a campfire and marshmallows!!

(Bro. Horton's marshmellow stick.) 

 (Missionaries in Honduras)

 Then it was Sunday.
(The kids all dressed up for church.)

We when to church in the morning.

(Dad preaching, Bro. Horton translating, and Jovani reading the Scriptures.)

After church we ate pizza for lunch.
Soon we said good-bye and started home.

Then we had some rice and sandwiches for dinner and when to Bed!!!!!!!!!

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