June 28, 2014

Trip to Honduras

~On Monday night we finished packing and tried to rest. Most of the older ones did not sleep; I slept for only two hours. When we woke up (at 3am) we loaded up the vehicles and left for the airport. We had two pick up trucks and one van. Dad was driving and the van and we were the first ones to the airport. So we started to unload and shortly after the rest showed up. 

~Then we went inside the airport. We talked with friends and ate breakfast. Shortly after that a heap of people from church showed up to say goodbye. After awhile Pastor B got a text saying that our flight was delayed one hour. So we waited a while before we went through security. 

~The Last two times we traveled on a airplane Dad paired us up in groups. So that everyone was only responsible for their partner and luggage. This time I was with Ezra!!!

~Once we said goodbye we went through security. We had to wait for awhile... or what seemed like forever. Then Matthew walked up and said that in was announced that we could start boarding. So we all quickly jumped up and went to board the plane. When we got on I was able to sit next to Ezra! We were all quite spread out... from the front to the back of the plane. The flight was two hours and most everyone slept. But I only could sleep about forty minutes. 

~When we landing in Atlanta we had less then 30 min to get to the next flight... and they had already start boarding our next plane. So we all hurried off the plane and ran for the next gate which was on the other side of the airport. We got off in groups... so Ezra, Mom, Linda, David, Malachi, and I were together. When we got to the escalator a lady told Mom that she could not take the pram on; so she had to go to the elevator. But Ezra, Malachi, and I went on up and got up there faster then Mom. so we started for the gate without her. We knew that we had to get to Terminal E. But we thought that we had to go to gate 52. But we quickly found out there was no gate 52... so we were not sure what to do. We turned around and started to go find Mom. And soon we saw her coming. When got back to her she told us that we needed to go to gate 32 in Terminal E. (She also explained why she had gotten behind... she had gotten stuck in an elevator between floors.) So we started to run. We ran for awhile till Dad and Matthew came running to find us. The rest of them had made it to the gate before us even tho they got off the plane after us. They were at the gate with two minutes left and didn't want to board without everyone. 

~When we finally got to the gate we were the last ones to board. We had seats in the front of the plane but had to go to the back to find space for some of the carry-ons. When I sat down and the plane started to move Dad asked for our passports. All of a sudden I realized I did not have mine. So I tried to think what I could have done with it. Dad and Mom got up and started to look around because of course we could not enter Honduras or get back into the states without it. I got one of the stewardess to help me look were I had placed my bags in the back of the plane. They stopped the plane before we got to the runway and called that gate to see if they had seen a passport and everyone started to look. Soon Dad said that he had found it... and the plane started to move again. 

~This time we had a three hour flight. We were all sitting together expect Matthew who had to sit near the back. For lunch we had a sandwich, small snack, and a drink that the airline provided. I helped David with his meal. And then I played Chess with Ezra on his tablet; and next I took a short nap. 

~Finally we landed in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 

~We waited till everyone got off the plane and then we got off and stated through all the customs stuff.

(David and his new find.:P)

~When we finally got outside it was SOOOOO Hot. We got in the van for our two hour drive to our new home. 

~When we got here Dad, Mom, Nikki, and Malachi went shopping while the rest of us unpacked. By the time we got home we had most of the unpacking done.

~Jillian and Amy made dinner. Pasta Salad, Cabbage Salad, and Tortillas. And then we went to bed!!!!!!

By Mercy Snyder (12)


Elianna Q said...

Thanks so much for the update, Mercy! Good job. :) I'm so glad you all made it safely.

Miss you - sending a hug!

Elliott Parfitt said...

Weel written Mercy! I know that feeling when you think you've lost your passport :( Glad everything worked out all right. Just seeing those pictures is making me feel hot and sticky ;)

Jillian Snyder said...
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Jillian Snyder said...
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Jillian Snyder said...

Thank you! Love you too!


Cass M said...

Wow Mercy! Sounds like an exciting trip! Miss you!