April 3, 2013

On the Road Again...

Hello Everyone! :)

Yes, we are on the road again for furlough/more deputation... and of course time for updates lately has been scarce; as it always seems to be. But we stay busy and love it!

The last few weeks in New Zealand were packed with much ministry/wrapping up or handing over ministries... along with packing and yard sales. It all went amazingly smooth but was very hard to leave all the dear people at church... Bible Club kids... Pukekohe North School... Auckland University Students... the people at the Rest Home... and many others. It's been an amazing four years watching God work and use us and we can't wait to get back... but for now we're enjoying our time home in the States! And though we are absent we know the Lord is still working in NZ! Actually, last week we got word that one of the University Students that we'd been witnessing to and praying for was Saved! That was so exciting to hear... there's nothing more thrilling then seeing people come to the Lord!

As for the actual move... It went smooth as well; and that was through God's help! Everything sold so fast... one weekend and it all was gone. The packing took a bit longer! ;) If you've never tried to get 16 suitcases and 11 carry-ons, plus instruments and computer bags to an exact weight and fit everything into them... well, then you've never experienced the fun we had those couple weeks! Hehe It was a crazy time, but we really did have fun working together!

We flew in on March 6th... customs and all went very smooth and we managed to make the trip through the airports and 11 hours of flight time without loosing anything; or anyone, for that fact! :)

It was quite different getting back here... everything was different at first. Not that we minded.... it just took some getting used to. But we sure are enjoying all kinds of American conveniences and foods and all kinds of things! Pizza, Ice cream, coffee, English muffins, Sausage & Garvey, Grits, Chocolate, Cold Cereals, different fizzy's, Hoho cakes, pecans, hot cocoa, beans, tortillas... and on the list goes. We've been here for four weeks and still have things to try we haven't had in years. It's fun to go through and try it all again! We feel so spoiled in many ways.

We landed in California and since then have been in, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. We were able to visit with some old friends that are evangelist now in California and in Nevada we were at one of our supporting churches and also visited with a few of my Mom's siblings. Then we made the long trip across the USA and we've been in several other supporting churches which welcomed us amazingly.

Two weeks ago the Lord gave us the bus pictured at the beginning of this post. It's 40 feet long with three slide-outs... and those add a lot of space. Praise the Lord for that... he always provides what we need There was countless purchases we needed to make getting settled in here and our Lord has provided everything we've needed and more in so many different ways. It's so neat to see God take care of his children! What a blessing to serve the King of kings!

Forgive me if I'm being a bit wordy... but I know a lot of people said they've been waiting for updates. I'll post soon again, Lord willing!

I know over 1/2 of my readers are in NZ now... we love you all and miss you and pray for you each day! Keep living for Jesus, your Redeemer! :)

Click below to see some random pictures from our first few days here in the US. All I have is a camera phone right now so I don't have many pictures.

All the Guys

Sitting on the side of the road in TN waiting for Dad to get back with gas.

The boys sitting on the hill above the van watching tractor trailers while they wait.

Felicity with her new doll, doll clothes, and blanket from Grandma!

Alicia with hers.

All of us Snyders! :)

Thanksgiving meal at my Aunts house.

All of us girls and Aunt Darlene.

And that's all till the next post... Missions Conference Time.


Mario Magallanes said...

We regularly check this site for new pictures, and were so glad to find some today.
Enjoy your well-deserved break provided by the Lord.
Hoping to meet you again in new zealand.

Emmaline Snyder said...

We all miss you. Hope we can see you again too. We'll try to post more pics soon.