April 22, 2013

Missions Conference Time

Missions Conference time is always an exciting time as we look to hear from God; look forward to how God is going to provide the money for us to give; and see what God is doing through our giving on the mission fields all over the world! Being missionaries on furlough we are at many mission conferences... but they never grow old! The preaching is always good, along with the singing and fellowship... and the food! We love to go into these different churches and see them excited about missions!

A couple weeks ago we were at the missions conference of Bible Baptist Church in Attalla, Alabama. We have known this church since 2004 when we started out and we have been there for our annual missions board conference each year... along with Revival and Camp meetings. So it was great to be there again and see everyone.

Brother Richburg, missionary with Victory Baptist Press in Florida, was the main preacher of the week and the Lord used him in each of our lives in many ways as he preached God's Word.

We did the special music and so sang a few songs each service... that was a first for us but the Lord helped us and we love singing for our Saviour! At the end we formed a small choir of the Pastor's kids, a few other kids in the church and all of us older kids. That was a lot of fun to practice and sing together. If you know us... you know we love to sing!

The last day, Wednesday, us girls did a 'Kiwi' meal for the missionaries and church before service that night. It was a full day process to make that much food. Started with a big shopping trip and then a full afternoon of cooking. The Pastor's daughters and one other girl from church helped us and we had heaps of fun. We made Mince, Mince and Cheese, Steak and Cheese, and Steak and Mushroom pies and one casserole size Cottage pie. And, of course, chips and a big salad bar. For dessert we made a couple huge pavlovas and a couple banana cakes... two favorite Kiwi desserts.

We had a great week with the people of God there in Attalla and are thankful to them for there hospitality and friendship over the years.

Click below to see a few pictures we got off the phone from that week...

Some of the girls cooking...
Deborah mashing potatoes, Emmaline finishing the Banana Cakes, Sarah rolling out pie crusts, and my little Hannah putting the pie crusts in for me!

A bunch of kids hanging out waiting for dinner one evening.

Some of the adults enjoying a meal from NZ.

A bunch of us kids singing with the Pastor's kids and few other kids from the church!

A random picture of some Snyders and Faucettes enjoying a ride in our RV.

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