February 19, 2013

Bible in Schools - Year 1 Classes

     In New Zealand the primary schools (Years One through Six) have a Bible teacher in every week for a half hour. The school we teach at is also the school that we serve breakfast at every Monday morning for the kids. It is the poorest school in New Zealand with all kinds of untrained kids that run the streets and don't have many people to care about them. Most of our club kids are also from this school. It's been a great opportunity to work at this school as it has given us more of a presence there and it has given us a lot of opportunities to get to know the kids. I would be safe to say I know at least 80% of the kids at Pukekohe North School. We always go early before class and talk with the kids and play jump rope and sing songs! It's been one of the highlights of the ministry here in New Zealand.
     For the first two years that my Mom taught I helped her and took over a couple of times when she couldn't go. But this past school year (Our school year runs from February to November here.) I was privileged to have my own class. Actually, I taught two Year One classes because of a shortage of teachers. Five-year-olds were a new challenge for me as I've spent more time teaching and working with kids 8-12 here in New Zealand. But I had a lot of fun learning and came to love these little kids so much. My sister helped me out and she's great with kids. I taught the kids Creation the first quarter and really drove home that God created us, and all we see around us. Through the next two quarters I taught from Creation on through the book of Genesis... and there really is a lot of lessons in there that can be brought right down to there level. The last quarter I started with Jesus birth and then worked through his life. The kids learned a lot and could quote a couple verses by the end of the year; along with being able to answer questions from the whole year's worth of lessons. One other blessing is that I have a great class room teacher in one of the classes that sings the songs with the kids throughout the week and keeps things fresh in there minds.
     We had fun teaching them lots of songs and doing crafts with them as well. The kids enjoyed it when we would do a chalk drawings for them or bring our instruments to play for them. Actually, on those weeks we always ended up with at least 6-8 teachers in to listen to us draw or play! Praise the Lord... a lot of teachers got the gospel through that!
     It is our prayer that God will take the lessons, memory verses, songs and conversations we've had there at the school and bring them to mind through out these kids lives and that they will turn to Jesus and trust Him as their Saviour... as well as the teachers!
     Click below to see pictures!

 Roimata waiting for the bell to go.


Playing jump rope with the kids!

Everyone getting in line. 

Singing in the class room.

Head and Shoulders... and I think I have a few who are not quite participating... 

...oh, there we go, a little more participation! :)

Class Photo
(I think this is the picture with the most people looking. Ever tried to get a picture of this many five and six-year-olds? It's heaps of fun! lol)

Getting to work on their project of the lost sheep.

Kurious wanted a picture of his paper with his name on it. Learning to write your name is always a big and exciting step! :)

Mahnagni writing her name on her paper. 
I can't believe she's in school already... and I'm so glad she ended up being in my class this year. I've known her since she was just two when she used to come up to our house and eat breakfast with us because nobody really watched her. She loves to tell the kids at school that she's been to Wheae Jillian's house and lots of random things that she's done with us before. The kids are always in awe.

Jimmy-Cliffs finished product.

And Roimata with her's.
They all did a excellent job on there sheep! :)

These are the only four girls in room 16... and I have a few more girls in room 12.

The girls wanted another picture but I'm not sure the guys were quite as excited about the picture. lol

I'm so glad the Lord has allowed me to work with all these kids last year and I'm going to miss them this year while we are on furlough.

"And said, Verily I say unto you,
Except ye be converted, and become as little children,
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 18:3

"But Jesus said,
Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me:
for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 19:14 

~A Stranger and Pilgrim on this earth serving her Saviour on the way to her Heavenly home!


Jamie Parfitt said...

That was great. Naomi recognized Kayshea (not sure how to spell that). Good report and good work. God will watch over them.

Jillian Snyder said...

Kayshia... you were very close!