February 5, 2013

Random Everyday Happenings

Hello Everyone! :) I haven't had much time to post as we've been very busy this past month plus. But I will get around to posting about everything the Lord's allowed us to lately, Lord willing. For now, here is a bunch of random everyday pictures I thought you all might enjoy. For those of you who don't know we have had a family from our home church in New York with us for the last six weeks. They've been a blessing, help, and encouragement... we've enjoyed having the company a lot. Anyways, they're all the other kids in these pictures that aren't Snyders. 

Making Fruit Salad.

With the amount of fruit salad you need to feed this crew it takes team work to get the job done!

Two Dutch Blitz games going at the table one Sunday evening.

Music Practice


All of our cups with names on them. 
(But now we have water bottles which has worked out even nicer. We take them out with us everywhere and that way we always have water on us and don't have to take cups and worry about who's is who's.)

Paris and Naomi matching!

David and Annabelle
(She loves playing with him and taking care of him so much.)

Serving Ice Cream

Malachi and Linda enjoying it!

Annabelle and Emmaline wearing matching outfits.

Trying out a new game we where considering playing at Salvation Bible Club.

Four Square
(A very common game around here right now!)

Kids playing in the shade one afternoon in-between letter boxing one day.

And I think that's all for now. More coming when I get time...


Victoria said...

Where there are Parfitts, there is FourSquare! Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Emmaline Snyder said...
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Jillian Snyder said...

Oh, yes... heaps of Four Square! Tho in New Zealand Four Square is the store and we play a game called Handball that we taught them while they where here. It was a challenge relearning American Four Square for some of us, but we got it!​