January 19, 2013

Girls :)

A couple of weeks ago we had a birthday party for a neighbor girl who lives with her Grandma down the street and comes to our Bible Club. She's practically family now and she mentioned something about never getting a birthday party because she doesn't live with her family. So we had fun doing a party for her. And before the party I took them all down to the park in town to play for awhile. So he's a few pictures from that day.

The kids on a climbing wall at the park!

Paris - the birthday girl!

All of us girls.
Sitting down is: Naomi, me (Jillian), Annabelle, Nicolea, Paris, Mercy, Linda, and Emmaline.
And then standing in the front is: Alicia, Karen, and Felicity

My cute Linda! :)

"The triplets"


This is her favorite game to play at our house so we got her a set for her birthday!


Emmaline did a beautiful job on the cake!

All the little girls! :)


Elliott Parfitt said...

It's nice to see my little sisters!

Mary said...

Looks like fun :)! Miss all you girls so much!

Lauren said...

What a blessing to be able to bless a friend like that!
Looking forward to seeing you all in June!
~God Bless,
Lauren Pawley

Victoria said...

Beautiful cake!!! Beautiful girls!