October 21, 2010


Here is one last post of our time up in the city. On the last night at the G's we did a 30 min. hike to see this waterfall after tea. It was a really nice walk through what was definitely New Zealand native woods. When we got down to the water we had fun in the water for quite a while. It was a really fun peaceful evening!!!

All of us teens accept Amy on lookout above the falls.

The falls from above.

Down near them now!


Angela, Anna, Grace, and Luke on a tall rock that kinda had steps all the way up it.

Emmaline, Angela, and I

Thats New Zealand for you!
This was in the "car park" for the falls.

~The G's house in the middle of no were on a huge hill. The whole back of the house is windows and then there is a huge deck out back and these next two pictures are the sunrise we enjoyed in the mornings! If you look close in the first one you can see the Auckland Harbor bridge to the left of the sun and in the second one you can see the Sky Tower!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Jillian! =)

Bethany A. said...

Looks like fun!! :)
That last picture is AMAZING!!!! I love it. :)