October 15, 2010

Fun with Friends!

~During the week up in Auckland that we ran the HBC we also also had great afternoons and evening with friends. We went letter boxing one afternoon, spent a bunch of time at three different malls, and one afternoon Pastor W took us girls to Daven Port and a look out near by. Another afternoon we played Laser Tag and went to Crystal Mountain and on the final afternoon we spent downtown Auckland shopping and sightseeing. What a blessing to have Christian friends in country that we can see every so often!

Emmaline and I in the bigest mall in New Zealand!


All of the harbor Bridge
(All of these photo's were taken from the North Shore.)

The town below the hill we were up on.

Looking out toward the ocean.

An island in the bay!

The Sky Tower

Emmaline with Auckland in the background!

Grace Williams and I - And its really windy here, especially out by the ocean.

Grace, me, and Emm on a canon from World War 2.





A Ferry coming back from another island.

The ferry terminal in Daven Port.

The towns a big tourist attraction.

Emmaline and I


Fern playing air hockey.

Singing one evening

The Sky Tower


Jillian and Emmaline said...

Sorry about the pictures being so large.:(

Elianna said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad you girls could have such a fun time! :) Miss you...