October 4, 2010

Holiday Bible Club

This last week Jillian and I had the blessing of helping Pastor Williams from Marlborough Bible Baptist Church in Blenheim and his teens run a HBC in Blockhouse Bay, where the Gustafsson's church is. We all stayed out at Pastor Gustafsson's house and we ran the Holiday Club from nine to noon Monday through Friday! There were four stations; a game station, craft station, memory verse station, and a fire safety station. The whole week was about fire safety and they did a great job of having all the games and crafts and such around the theme. Then they had Fireman Josh who is one of the teens from Marlborough Bible Baptist Church teaching fire safety and the kids really enjoyed that! So here's a heap of pictures from our week!

The hall we used.

The Registration Table


Mason and Malachi know each other from ABBC so they had a great time together!

One day we played a water game so we did that outside.

You had to jump the rope as it was spun in a circle.

Here they were all on the ground because there was "smoke" in the air!

Super Dodge Ball

Memory Verse Time

Amy did a great job!

Fire Safety
Fire safety with Fireman Josh (he's the guy in blue all the way to the right in the above photo).

Snack time


We told them that we had a surprise for them on Friday and they all could not wait to find out what it was. But we made them wait and they loved their surprise. We got some firemen to bring out a truck from a nearby town!

The firemen talking to the kids and they also showed them thier outfits!

The kids looking at all the tools...

...and getting so fun papers from the firemen.

One day we took the puppets out to a park nearby to see it we could get more kids.
Here we are helping Pastor with the songs!

They were also used everyday at the hall.

A couple of kids with their prizes at the end of the week.

Here are just a few more random pictures.


Fern working on a sign that Jillian helped with too!

Matthew riding the unicycle with Luke's help.

And this was some of us girls on Sunday evening at church! The teens from Blenheim knew we would be up at least one day but they did not know we were staying with them or that we would be up on Sunday! So they were SO excited and surprised to see us when we walked into church not long after they got there!


Bethany A. said...

Cool!! I love it about the fire safety---my dad's a firefighter and so we've done the fire safety and getting in the firetruck and stuff and it's just soo fun!! :) :) Looks like it was an amazing week for ya'll!

Elianna said...

Looks like a wonderful time! :)

Kathleen G. M. said...

Looks like a really great time was had by everyone there!
I've always liked doing fire-safety and firefighter-correlated activities . . . but then I was always afraid of fire! :)