November 30, 2009


Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful friends!!!
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here! We all had fun putting a together a menu, shopping and cooking , and of coarse eating too! All the kids also helped at one time or another in the kitchen when we were preparing everything for dinner! We had a great day even if old Tom was replaced by a chicken! A 12lb. turkey was on sale for $65, so we decided chicken would do.

On Wednesday, Mom was at one of the schools here for most of the morning, so I had fun helping the younger ones make "I'm thankful for" signs to hang up all around the dining room. They all had so much fun.

Kids posing with there projects!!!

Linda with some crayons.

The kids project up on the wall in the dinning room.

Thanksgiving dinner in the trolley. After we purchased every thing, we had to fit it all into two push chairs(strollers), which we did but we ended up calling the boys. They came with there bikes and backpacks and took a whole bunch, as we realized that if we went all the way home like that we would break the prams(strollers).

The outside of all the pumpkin here is white, but it is the same inside! You can not buy canned pumpkin here so we purchased two pumpkins and baked them.

The pumpkin crew!!!

Alicia mashing the pumpkin!

We made cinoman rolls for breakfast and rolls for lunch and they came out great. We put three small balls of dough in each muffin tin to make clover rolls and the kids thought that was great!

Ezra and Emmaline made a place mat for everyone and they did a great job!

Pumpkin Casserole; we could not find sweet potatoes here so we used pumpkin in its place and it came out great.

The whole family around the table except me (Jillian)

Crustless Coconut cream pie; it was great even if we did not have any pie pans. As you see the foil, we tried to put foil underneith it so we could pull it out and use the pan for something else but it did not work because the foil was so thin.

Great homemade pumpkin pie and whip cream!

Its a Snyder Family tradition!!!
And here is a picture of it in the making.

Alicia eating her pumpkin pie

In the evening us older ones played Risk and the others had fun playing games too. These two were so funny to watch play "chest", as you can imagine!!!


Hope said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! Happy (late) Thanksgiving! Tell your family the Lymans said hello!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too! :)
May the Lord be with you,

brenda said...

I want some rolls please...

juli said...

What a great day!!!! It looked like a lot of fun!
Thinking of you!

Amy said...

Alica's smiling face mashing pumpkin is sweet! Mmmm I love thanksgiving! I could almost do it again-tomorrow! And wow is Linda a chump! Miss you all and it was so good to chat with you Jillian.:)