December 30, 2009

Christmas Parade

~ Here is a late post, again! Anyways, there was a Christmas Parade earlier this Month and we went down and passed out tracts. So here are some pictures. Sorry, no pictures of us passing out tracts because the crowd got really thick and that made it impossible.

Here is some of the kids getting tracts ready for the parade. One person goes around our oval table laying tracts out, anther comes behind stamping, and another comes to pick them up and that works quite well.

Here is Matthew counting tracts out.

The crowds were massive. You can only see a small part of them here. But I think it was most likely the biggest crowd we have seen in New Zealand.

This picture really shows the spirtiuallity here in New Zealand. The devil just has complete control over them.

And here is what they think of Hell. This is the truck from the pizza chain Hell here.

This was on the back of a big canoe. But there is more of the teke gods that they worship.

This was cute and I thought I would throw this in because there is some of our Bible Club kids in there!!!

Now I think this was the most creative thing there!!!

Now, I was surprised at first to see this one, but it must have been one of the churches in town.

Yes, we do have McDonalds here.

Now thats what you see when you live in Kiwi land with Kiwi's!!!

Here is the little girls on the way home. Alicia's legs got tired so she sat on the front of the pram.


Bethany said...

Wow, that is sad how the devil has such control over that country...I am praying for your ministry! :)

Nomad said...

I really enjoyed the pictures! Isn't it strange to celebrate Christmas in warmer weather? It was for me!