November 25, 2009

Four Little Girls and Apples

~Here are some really cute pictures of the four little girls enjoying apples! It was a sunny warm day and around the corner of one of the buildings walks two little girls both eating apples. And of coarse when Mercy saw I was taking pictures she had to jump in and then I was informed that Linda was inside in her walker eating an apple. So of coarse I had to take pictures of her too.

On the porch in the back yard!

Mercy comes to join the party!!!

The three youngest

~Oh and I ought to give you a just quick update to let you know how we are all, too. We are all doing very good. It is spring here and we are all enjoying the wonderful, longer, warm, sunny days! We have a few small gardens in our yard and those are doing good thus far. We also keep busy with general stuff around the house and school. The ministry is going well and also is keeping us busy, but we all love it! We are now having Bible Club at the Hall at the Pukekohe North School. That is going well and the kids are becoming more regular. We also go door knocking and letter boxing often. Well, that is the some of what is going on here.


Bethany A. said...

I love the pictures...mmmm, and the apples!!:) :)

Wow, it is so weird to think that you are enjoying spring, and here we are with winter almost upon us!!:D


juli said...

Those are adorable pictures! Makes me miss you all the more!
Linda is getting sooo big!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree! It does seem strange! :) It's 45 degrees here.. :) Haha. By the way, great pictures, Jillian!

Ted Snyder said...

Yes, it is very odd to think that we are having thanksgiving in the spring. It is about 70 degrees today.

Miss you all back there.

Jillian Kay

Jesse said...

Hey Jillian!
How are you all doing? I hope you don't think I've forgotten you. I got your past few emails but for some reason it wont let me reply back. I a working on getting an email address and then hopefully we can write often.
I miss you so much.
I love the pictures.
Love ya lots,
Hannah Glushefski