October 23, 2009

Our Trip to Taupo

This post is old but I thought I would post it anyways. I have not been on the computer much so sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. Anyways, on October 9th Dad rented a car and Dad, Jillian, Emmaline, and Nicolea went down to Taupo, so heres the post about it.

We started the day early and by 6:30 a.m. we were on the road. We had wonderful home made muffins for breakfast and in about three hours we were in Taupo. We picked up the bike, we had come to pick up, in short order. Then we went and strolled through town and Dad bought us girls some wonderful pastry's at a bakery. We then went to see the lake; Lake Tapuo is 100 kilometers around and is the biggest lake in all of Oceania. It was some what of a rainy day and as they say around here "it was spittin". We drove around the lake a little ways and then stopped and walked on a path by the lake for a little while, but is was beginning to really rain now so we soon returned back to the car. We continued to enjoy our drive around the lake until we noticed the car was on empty, so we headed back for town praying we would not run out of gas. The Lord was gracious and we were able to get gas before we ran out. It was then almost lunch time know and Dad took us to Subway for lunch. It tasted great and we really enjoyed it as we had not had any since before we left the states and that is one of my favorites! And like Dad says that is the only American food here that tastes the same here! After lunch we headed for Bethlehem, which is over by the Pacific Ocean, to pick up something. It was a nice drive by Lake Rotaru and through the hills. The ferns were so interesting as they were so big that they looked like palm trees! After that we went to the beach. We did get out on the beach as it had stopped raining for a few minutes and it was really windy. After that we stopped at a Dairy ( little stores that they have in every town here.In the US they arre called convenience stores ) and got some treats, I really enjoyed the M&Ms, HA HA. Then we drove home, it did stop raining after a while and part of the drive home was clear. We arrived home about 5:30. It was such a fun day! We all enjoyed all of it!!!

I put this video together of our trip. I changed it and worked with it enough that I think I decided I just needed to post it. It is only 2 min. and 47 sec. So enjoy!!!


Jillian and Emmaline said...

Sorry the text is big. I can not get it to change. It is really being a problem. I will try again later. I got to get to work now.

Nomad said...

Looks like a fun daddy/daughers day! Thanks for sharing!

brenda said...

sounds like fun...love you all and miss you very much...xoxoxoxo

Victoria said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!