October 1, 2009

Today's Adventure

~ Today Mrs. George next door had to go to Auckland to renew her Australian passport (she is Australian!). She invited Mom but she did not have time to go all day so she let Emmaline and I go with her. We had a wonderful day, Thanks Mrs. George for taking us along! We left a little after 10:00 and we caught the 11:05 train. We got to Britomart (the train station up in the city) around noon. We started by going to Australian passport office first only to find out that the picture quality was not good. So we went to a pharmacy and Mrs. George got her pictures done again. We then went and browsed through Stevens, a kitchen ware store, next we went to McDonalds for lunch. Wow, it had been a long time since we had eaten there, almost six months. Next we went to Witcoulls and the streets were so crowed when we went outside, ya I guess that is part of a big city! Walking back from Witcoulls it started to rain but thankfully we were able to stay undercover by the buildings. We then went back to the Australian office, and when we got there we found a very long line of people waiting to go through the check point. Thankfully almost all the people were going to the visa office so the line in the passport office was not long. After that we ran through the rain across the street to the train station. We went home the eastern route so that was neat as that is the route that goes along the water for a ways and we had never been that way, unfortunately it was raining so I was not able to get any good pictures:( When we got to the train station in Papakura it was still raining very hard and we got a little wet as we had parked a ways away from the train station because it was so packed with cars. On the way home we stopped at the Strawberry Shack and Mrs, George got a coffee and bought us home-made ice cream. We got chocolate ice cream with crushed strawberries all the way through it, It was great!!! We had a wonderful day!!!

The Britomart train station.

The Britomart train station, again.

A Train in the station.

The front of the building you came into when you walk up and out of the underground station.

Looking out over the water from the building that the passport office is in.

Another view of the Harbor. Our neighbor says the harbor looks really crowded when one of the big ships come in.

This is where we ate lunch in the mall.

Emmaline and Mrs. George enjoying there lunch!

Mrs. George!!! We love you!!!
She said she did not see this picture on the blog, so here it is!!!

Not a good picture but I thought it was funny that Wendy's was pink!

Looking down a street in Auckland.

Looking up another street.

Yes, they have good ice cream here!

P.S. I took some pictures out the windows, or I should say tried to, but they did not come out good because it was raining.


Bethany A. said...

Love the pictures! That train station is AWESOME, love it!!!:)Looks like you had a lot of fun!


Mrs George said...

The train station is actually the facade of the old Auckland CPO - Chief Post Office. My Mother-in-Law's Grandfather was head clerk there, we have a photo of him and his workers in front of the main arch. It's in sepia, and most of the men, from memory, have either beards or moustaches! I will have to dig it out for the girls one day. (Actually, I will have to ask Mum if I can borrow it first!)

Kelly said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like you had a fun day.Nice pictures.

katielynn | photography said...

I really enjoyed reading this... It seems busy in the City!! Does Mcdonalds taste the same as in the states? I know in Romania it tastes so much BETTER :)

Amy, Julia & Michaela said...

I love all the pictures!Miss y'all!