June 26, 2009

Our Trip to Auckland

~A little over a week ago Dad took Emmaline, Nicolea, Felicity, and me (Jillian) up to Auckland to the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, because it is free for all people living in our county this month. This was our first family outing since we came into the country of New Zealand. We all enjoyed it tons even though we had to do it in three shifts as we only have a five passenger car we are renting!!! The day before Dad took us he took Matthew, Ezra, Mercy, and Malachi, and and Mom will take Linda, and Alicia soon Lord willing. We had a great time on our trip up there, it was SO much fun to get out for the day and do sight seeing. I am going to put up the pictures of the city and harbour. I will post pictures from the New Zealand National Maritime Museum later as there is a lot of them!

J 444

Overlooking Auckland

J 404

The Sky Tower

J 451

The bay

J 427

J 399

A nice boat in the Harbour


J 402

The other side of the bay

J 421 Containers staked in the harbour

J 434 - Copy

Cranes for loading the ships with containers. There is a ship on the left side of the cranes if you can make it out. It was pretty neat watching them load the ship.


Rebekah said...

Such beautiful pictures of the scenery!

Anderson family said...

Wow, that seems like a cool place!


juli said...

Really, really neat! I'd still love to come visit! :) Tell Alicia "Julia" says hi! :)
I'll email you soon! :)

Love Juli

Katie said...

Jillian your pictures are great... keep up the good work.... So do you live near the water??

Mrs. Reynolds said...

New Zealand is beautiful! I am sure you look back amazed at all God has done in bringing you thru 4 (exciting) years of deputation to put you in NZ!

God Bless You all!

Amy said...

Was great to chat with you too Jillian!! What pretty pictures.

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

I always wanted to visit New Zealand, such a beautiful country. That is neat that your mom can drive there, I have to get a Spanish driver's license which means I have to go to school, do practice hours, and then take a written and practical test! I have been driving for over 30 years...and it costs over $1000 to do all that. Hope you all get a van soon that meets your family's needs.

Anonymous said...

Very neat Jillian. It looks like y'all got some good pictures.
New Zealand is very beautiful!