July 15, 2009

New Zealand National Maritime Museum

Our trip to the museum was a joy, as I already mentioned in the previous post. Here are some pictures from our trip to the museum.

J 385

J 377

J 373

J 197

Jillians 218

J 287

J 178

J 357

J 379Nicolea and Felicity playing on a boat they had for little ones to play on.

Emm 120

And Malachi and Alicia playing too.

J 208

A boat the museum owned that they were taking out on a tour just after we got there.

J 254

Jillians 193

Sema Makawa

J 195

Jillians 189

Jillians 199

Jillians 232

An old ship compass

Jillians 234

Jillians 132


J 215

J 198

Jillians 268

On a old ship, a big table in the centre and bunks in the background.

Jillians 271

A better picture of the bunks.

Emm 108

An old wash bin.

J 244

A beacon light

J 372 - Copy

A Canon they shot.

Jillians 249

Nicolea and TT - Stear that ship girl!!!

Emm 096


Emm 082

Alicia going down in a boat.

J 274


Jillians 118

Boat Motors

J 263

Jillians 228

I Love this clock!!!

Jillians 227

A very nice desk

Jillians 229

Jillians 236

Jillians 283

AH, this is an old type writer, far fetched from our modern computers!!!

J 260

A very nice picture of Nicolea!!!!

Jillians 266

left to right - Felicity, Nicolea, Jillian, Emmaline

Jillians 103

left to right - Ezra, Malachi, Matthew, Mercy

Emm 107

left to right - Alicia, Malachi, Linda, Emmaline

What a Blast!

Here are some pictures of some modal ships.

J 355

J 345

J 347

J 351

Here are a few more pictures from up in Auckland.

Emm 112

Jillians 102

J 363

Jillians 262

Nicolea Mae

J 190

J 375 - Copy

This picture come out pretty good.


juli said...

That looks way to neat! I love the pictures of the harbor with all the boats and masts and stuff! Thankyou for posting them!
Love you!

Amy said...

What a neat mueseum! I love allthe bunks in a row though I must say I'd be too chicken to live on the sea!!:0 Post some more. I miss you and all the rest of the clan. Sending hugs,Amy

Jamie Parfitt said...

We have been meaning to tell you, this reminds us of our visit to tour H.M.S. Victory. We were suprised at how small the spaces were inside the ship-the ceilings were very low and got lower! Annabelle was afraid to go down the steep ships ladders. We were not allowed to take pictures. Your pictures are very good.