June 4, 2009


Last saturday I decided that I would make some cut-out-cookies as it had been a long time since we had made any.  Of coarse, as soon as everyone found out; I had all the help I could have ever wanted! I had a blast helping all the kids.  Everyone helped (except Linda) and then came the best part, eating them!  Here's a bunch of pictures.  Sorry no pictures of the boys, some how they got missed, oh well.

A full kitchen

Alicia cutting out cookies. 
She had a huge grin on almost the whole time she was cuting out!

Nicolea flatening the dough.

Mercy helping

Emmaline made the frosting.  She did a great job.
She made Vinilla, Chocolate, Oarge Mango, and Almond.

TT "frostining"

Alicia "frostining"


Anderson family said...

Mmmm, those cookies look gooood!!:D

Anonymous said...

Yum! Those cookies do indeed look very good...

Victoria said...

Saw your dad in the background "supervising!":)

the reynolds said...

I never saw those last two posts! I miss you guys! Thanks for the pics!~Amy