June 5, 2013

Our Home

Hello Everyone! Sorry for our absence on the blog lately. We've been very busy with all kinds of things up here in New York. We are very much enjoying being home and serving the Lord with our home church and spending time with friends! Lord willing we'll post some pictures of all we've been doing soon.

For now people have asked for pictures of the bus so here are some pictures. They're kinda quick and cheep quality as I used a phone to take them but they give you an idea of what the place looks like.

This is the drivers side slideout...

...and the passenger side slide-out.

A look at it all togeather.

A closer look at the kitchen.
(The little ones sit around that blue tote to eat there meals.)

My Dad's desk. ;)

My parents bedroom.

Where all of our bedding is stacked up during the day.

Looking back down the bus from my parents room.

A couple of outside pictures.

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Elliott Parfitt said...

looks pretty comfortable! It was great to see y'all Sunday!