May 14, 2013

Picnic Time

Last Tuesday afternoon we had a fun picnic and walk through the woods with some friends. The little kids are pricelessly cute and so much fun to play with. So I thought I'd share a few pictures from our fun afternoon together!

Beautiful day for a walk! 

Spring is here - or was here, it's freezing out now.

She took to me the fastest and gave me a good work out swinging her, carrying her, on my back, on my shoulders, playing tag... and on the list goes.

Picnic Time

I helped her get her lunch... we spilled a few things but made it through the meal!



Amy and Lula


Reading stories back at the house!

Kay playing with Loral.

God's creation is truly beautiful... this was a wonderful day enjoying all the beauty! I hope our nice weather comes back soon! :)

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juli said...

oh those sweet kiddos look so familiar!!! Love the pics. of Lula, Carlie and Laurel. Those are so cute! I wish I could've been there!!!!