November 15, 2012

Mercy's Eleventh Birthday Party

:) Friends :)

Norah, Jacqueline, Nicolea, Paris, and Mercy

 Chicken Enchiladas was her request for dinner.
Mmm... they were good...
(Nothing like complementing your own cooking. :P But really, they were good!)

Ezra's looking at his plate wondering if that's all he gets. :P

 Norah showing the girls her games on her ipod.
The little girls enjoy her so much... she is always coming up and taking them out to play or something.

Time for gifts!
The best part of the party... right? Oh, wait, or is the best part the cake???

The dress Mama made for her!

And this picture didn't come out that good...

Emmaline did a beautiful job on the ice cream cake!


esmile said...

Happy Birthday Mercy love Stephie

esmile said...

Happy Birthday Mercy

esmile said...

Happy birthday Mercy

Jamie Parfitt said...

I was thinking about having ice cream cake for my birthday, too. That's a nice dress that your mom made for you. Happy birthday.

Naomi Parfitt