November 10, 2012


This past Sunday we had four people who wanted to follow the Lord in believers baptism - Vicky, a girl from the University Bible Study; Brother Quilty, an older man from our church in Pukekohe; and Mercy and Malachi. It was so exciting to see these people take this step. We use a baptismal at a church about forty-five minutes north of Pukekohe, so there was several people from our church in Pukekohe, all those from Auckland Bible Baptist Church, and about 20 students from the University there. It was a great time of worshiping the Lord, watching these follow our Lord in believers baptism, and fellowship... oh, and food, we are Baptist! :) 

And to read my Dad's post about the day you can click on this link! :) It was a very busy Sunday with three church services and lots of driving and food prep and so on... but a exciting and very blessed Sunday! :) Praise the Lord! :)

And here is a few pictures form the day! :)

Vicky giving her testimony. She gave it in Chinese because all the students from the University are Chinese and because she's not great at English and neither are many of the students... and then Ethan translated it to English for the rest of us. 



 Malachi giving his testimony...

 ...and then being baptized.

Vicky and Mercy

 Brother Quilty, Vicky, Mercy and Malachi

A heap of students from the University and some Snyders talking.

 Shephine and Paris. 
(Stephine is a little girl from Auckland Bible Baptist Church and Paris is one of our club girls from Tuakau.)

 Little girls playing after tea.

 Emmaline and Joy(another girl from the Bible Study at the University.)

 Pastor Snyder and Pastor G fellowshipping over tea.

 Emmaline, Mercy, Vicky, Joy, Nicolea, and me(Jillian)

 Mrs. G and Vicky

And a random picture of Matthew leading music.

Paris and Mercy in there matching dresses for the day! :)


Elliott Parfitt said...

What a blessing to literally see the Lord working in lives around the globe!

Mario Magallanes said...

A real blessing. Makes us want to go home. Miss you guys.

Candy said...


Ryan Hargett said...

Praise the Lord!