October 13, 2012

Bible Club Pictures

Hello Everyone! :) I just went through and pulled out a whole bunch of pictures from a couple of weeks ago at Bible Club for you all. So here you are...

 Laaquesha getting her certificate. She's up to Level 3 Card 3.

 Christian just finished Level 4 Card 4.

 Whiteora finished the first card of Level 2.

 Pastor Ted teaching. The kids have been so good and sat so quite and listened so intently for the past few weeks. Praise the Lord.

 Tylamei - She's a little girl from my Mom's Bible in Schools class.

 :) Linda :)

 A whole bunch of my little girls playing on the play ground... several of whom are or have been in our Bible in Schools classes.
The top row from left to right is Mercy(10), Jazmyn(10), Krystal(5), Patricia(7), Felicity(7)...
...and on the bottom is DJ(7), and Dimond(6). 

This little girl is in my Bible in Schools class now. When she was two she used to walk up the street by herself at seven in the morning to get something to eat at our house.  

Krystal... she's just a little doll! :) 

 Dimond and Felicity have been friends for couple years now.

 Super Dodge Ball

 DJ, Patricia, and Alicia

Victoria, Nicolea, and Mercy

And that's all for today...


Mario Magallanes said...

We miss you.

Mary C. said...

Wow! Looks like fun :). Miss you all!!