October 1, 2012

A Evening with Some of the Collage Students

On Monday evenings we hold a Bible Study at the University of Auckland. (You can read my Dad's last update about it on The Snyders in New Zealand.) We've had four students coming regularly and several other have visited over the last couple months. So a few weeks ago we had a few of them down for the evening to have dinner and play some games and have some fun. The pictures didn't come out the best but I thought I'd share a few with you all. 

 Vicky teaching Emm how to use chopsticks!

All of us girls! 
Annie, Mercy, me, Mom, Emmaline, Vicky, and Nicolea
And in the front is Linda, Alicia, Felicity, and Unieqee 

 David, Matthew, Dad, Billy, Ezra, and Malachi (Who was thrilled with his height. lol)

 Annie sharing her cake with David.
They all loved him... as does everyone who meets him! :)

 Being from single child families in China they just love seeing a family and all the little ones.

 Not a very good picture... but we taught them how to play Uno.

 Nicolea and Vicky playing Connect Four.

And then Chinese Checkers of course. They taught us the Chinese rules; but then they wanted to know how Americans do it and play the way we do it.
There's not too much difference... our rules are a bit harder then Chinese rules.

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The Reynolds said...

Thanks for posting! I love seeing the pictures of you all and your life there. We think of you often!