December 14, 2010

Hello Again...

Hello to all of our blog readers! I know its been a while since we have posted and I apologize for that! I do have many things I would like to post about but I have been so busy over the last few weeks that there just not been time for the blog. The Snyders are all doing very well and continuing to serve the Lord Jesus over here in New Zealand! A lady got saved just a few weeks back so that was a blessing! Our house continues to always be full of neighborhood kids and Bible Club and Church attendance have been rising, which is always a blessing! Two weeks ago we finished up school and are now on summer holiday (Yes, it's summer in NZ!). The Lord has provided a house for us that is not far from where we currently living. It is much bigger and has much cheaper rent which will be a blessing! So we are starting to pack and we move on December 27th!

Now for the project that has been keeping me so very busy! Emmaline and I have made a 2011 Calendar to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible! On each page is facts about the translation, translators, King James I, and much more! We have also started a business named 1611 Press which you can visit at that link! That is our first product and as we add products we will let you know! Everything will be shipped from New York and we can only ship within the United States as of now! If you live outside the United States you can get in contact with me and we will see if we can arrange shipping for you! So go ahead over and see what you think and we hope the Calendars are a blessing to you all!

And because everyone likes pictures, heres a few random ones!

The kids playing Super Dodge ball at a Kiwi BBQ!


Alicia Ann

Mercy and Nicolea having fun in the backyard!

Malachi, Alicia, and Felicity

And finally another New Zealand sunset which always makes a wonderful close to pictures coming from New Zealand! :)

AND don't forget to check out the new website!!!!!!!

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Amy said...

Hi there Jillian! I LOVE the calender you and Em put together. We are about to finish our 16 week semester of Defense of the Bible under Pastor Pawley. It's been incredible, eye opening and inspiation as we studied text streams, modern critics, new perversions,superior text,theology, translators... it makes me want to stand and contend for the truth!

The kids are so big and cute... It'll be so nice for ya'll to have a bigger house. Thanks for filling us in on the work in NZ! Hugs!~Amy

I'll try to get your patterns copied and mailed this week!

Today was Mr.Parfitts memorial service. His family is such a testimony of God's grace.