December 26, 2010

Bible in Schools

This past school year I (Jillian) had the opportunity to teach Bible in Schools with my Mom! We had kids in year two and three, which is like grade one and two in the states! We were able to teach them many lessons from and the Bible and given them the gospel! They memorized many verses and also enjoyed scripture songs! We did a lot with songs and crafts because trying to keep there attention for five minutes of teaching is a long time!
Over the year we got to know a lot of the children. We see them at Breakfast in Schools; when we are out doing ministry in the neighborhood; shopping; or whatever. They call us Wheae Dawn and Wheae Jillian; which is Maori for "mother" and they use it as a term of respect for all their female teachers and those in high authority. We really grow to love the kids and enjoy them and they also enjoyed the attention that we were able to give them as we were always there early and would stand around talking with them before school started! We would walk onto the school property and just be totally surrounded by kids!
Many of the kids now come to our Bible Club and their sisters and brothers have also started coming so thats been great! The teacher in the class, Wheae Lovey, always listened to the lessons and come to find out she had them sining the songs we taught the kids all the way through the week! On the very last day of Bible in Schools there was an assembly and all the classes sang songs or told about something they had learned over the year.  Wheae Lovey stopped my Mom before school started and asked if we could sing, "In My Hand I Hold a Book?" And she said she really liked that one!
So, we continue to pray for all the kids that the Lord will save them and also for Wheae Lovey as she has heard the gospel many times now!

Kids waiting for school to start 

Jericho - "My Mom's helper" as he calls himself!

 This girl is so cute! Yet, can be quite the case if things don't go her way! :)

She is such a cutie and just such a good quite little girl!

The Class at the beginning of the year! 

In line!

The class at the end of the year!

 Natasha is "my shadow" as my sisters and brothers call her! At school and Bible club she is always right there beside me helping with whatever I am doing!

The assembly
I can honestly say I know about 2/3's of all the kids at this school!

It was a great year of Bible in Schools and right now we are on summer break but I look forward to starting back in March 2011!

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juli said...

WOW!!! That is really neat to hear about your ministry!