June 9, 2010

Queens Birthday Tea

Monday was the Queens birthday and so we had a tea at our house for all of our Bible Club kids. The kids often just wander the streets when they do not have school because they do not have much else to do so... we had kids at our house for almost five hours and it was tons of fun. The Lord blessed us with a wonderful sunny day and the kids were great. We had about twenty kids come and they had lots of fun playing, good food and they all got to hear more about Jesus through the spiritual application we had for all the games!!! So here are some pictures from the day that I thought I would share with you all!

Playing a game!

More kids!!!

Tea Time!!!

They loved the cake Mum made!

This is the project they all did.

Working on their projects!

Shiquhelia and Mercy

A bunch of the kids with their finish products!

Irini - she is a very faithful girl at Bible Club that is so willing to learn more about Jesus!

Nicolea, Shiquhelia, Irini, Darlene, and Mercy with their bueatiful projects.


elianna m said...

Looks awesome! What a great idea to take advantage of a holiday and turn it into an opportunity to share Christ with the kids!
And yes... wish I was there!

Jamie Parfitt said...

That was a great idea. God bless you for opening your home (and losing your own time from your busy family schedule) so that you could influence these children for eternity. It takes energy to plan games, plan a "craft," and bake and serve cake! It also takes energy to keep everything under control. I'm glad it was fun at the same time. I pray for you often.

Victoria said...

Looks like the Bible Club kids are becoming family - so excited for the relationships you all are building!