May 4, 2010

Teen Camp 2010

~Here are some pictures for you all of Teen Camp! It was a great week! We enjoyed good preaching and wonderful fellowship with other teens. It was such a blessing that the Lord aloud us to go!

The hills on the way down.

Lake Taupo

A volcano we passed

New Zealand Countryside

This is on Desert Rd. Can you tell?! haha!

The group from Wellington singing.

The chapel filling up before serves.

Our chalk drawing

Quiz time

Hewer teem leaders and flag
(Emmaline's teem, the best)

Porters teem leaders and flag
(Jillian's teem, the BEST)

Porters field flag

Some of the Reapers with there flag

Beth Williams

The mess hall

(left to right) Jillian, Carly-Rose, Emmaline, Grace, and Erin


The line was huge the first day.

Porters working on there flag!

Grace working on the Hewers flag.

Hewers hard at work memorizing verses.

Challenge Time!

All the guys ready to go...

Poisen Pillow!

This was the basket ball game was the Pastors against the boys!

Girls watching the game!

The group from Pastor Williams church!


Anonymous said...

Fun! :)

Victoria said...

Looks like you had a great time. I'm so glad you got to go!!! Hope you made some life-long friends and some great memories - especially what God taught you!