February 8, 2010

An Update and Pictures

~Hello from New Zealand once again. We are all doing very well and keeping very busy as normal. Praise the Lord! Elianna, a young lady from our home church, flew in on the 30th of January and will be staying for two months. So we have all been greatly enjoying seeing someone from home. She has been such an encouragement an help to all of us. Last week we went to a church north of us and Dad preached for them and we all greatly enjoyed the time with another church. We continue to letter box, door knock, and street preaching. Nursing home is still going well and Bible Club is going great. We have really nice hot sunny days now as it is almost mid summer. So thats just a quick update and here are some pictures taken recently.


The City of Sails!

Elianna and Emmaline reading Sword of the Lord's from 1970-1973.

Another beautiful sunset. This is part of the sunset we can see from our porch every night. I love the sky in New Zealand.

On one side it is raining and on the other it is not as you can see!!!

I think this is a pumpkin field.

Bags of potatoes in the field.

Elianna out door knocking.

Malachi, Felicity, and Alicia playing in the park after door knocking.

Elianna and Emmaline

Elianna and Jillian

Nicolea, Emmaline, Elianna, and Jillian enjoying a rest in the park after door knocking.

L to R is Alicia, Ezra, Emmaline, Elianna, Nicolea, Matthew, and Malachi enjoying refreshing lemon ice blocks.

Dad and Matthew out street preaching Friday night.

Another sunset; this time seen from town.

On our way to church Sunday morning!

Elianna and Emmaline sewing

Happy Linda!!!


Victoria said...

So glad you're having a good time w/ Elianna. She IS a HUGE blessing!!!! I know you all are being a blessing to her, as well.

BTW - is Matthew taller than your dad, now?!!!

Dawn said...

No, Matthew is not taller YET! Ted is still 1 inch taller!

Victoria said...

Ha! Sounds like Ted is holding on to that 1 inch. Just talked w/ Paul & Abby - Daniel is 6'4 - just about 1/4 inch shorter than Paul now!!

Jamie Parfitt said...

Nice pictures, as usual. By the way, I weighed and measured all our kids after forgetting to for 4 months. Some of them (the oldest boys) shrank 1/4"!!! But they gained 7-11 pounds. I have been giving them more protein in their meals; I wonder if that has caused a lot of muscle to be put on. They are such a blessing because they will eat anything. No noses turned up to bean tortillas. :-) Reese is almost as tall as me, though. I can't get over how the Snyder girls are looking like young ladies. Keep up the updates. We love them!