January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicolea Mae

Happy 10th Birthday Nicolea Mae Snyder!!!

~Well, a little late as her birthday was the nineteenth. Last Saturday Dad had to rent a van to pick up some things in the city and then in the afternoon he took us all to the beach for Nicolea's birthday. We started the afternoon with ice cream cones on our way to the ocean. We stopped at a national park and saw some beautiful views and the kids enjoyed all the space to run around. The beach was really crowded were we had planed to stop so we continued on up the road. We stopped by another park and walked out to ocean. The ocean was so beautiful to see. Where we were at on the beach we could see Waiheke Island and Ponui Island. At play ground near by we had dinner and Nicolea opened her gifts. After we started home Dad stopped by the beach that we had planned to stop at, because it was almost vacant, and let us play for a few minutes in the water. Then, together, we had a great ride home! It was so much fun to spend a day together! Driving together brought back the wonderful memories of deputation! Only we had four rows of three seats rather then two rows of three seats like we had in the truck!!!

Enjoying the ride!
Well, at this time, on the way home she was not very happy to be in her car seat.

Nicolea with her ice cream!
(Alicia behind her.)

New Zealand Scenery

Looking at a map of the park. "We should go do..." "No, lets go do..." "It would be neat to..." and at the end "Nicolea, its your birthday, what do you want to do?"

Linda taking a ride on Daddy's back!!!



At the beach the tide was out so there was lots of rocks and small pools of water. Here the boys are looking at the crabs Matthew was segesting he would cook for supper.

The ocean floor when the tide was out.

Everyone in the family ect. me (Jillian). It is not very often at all that you can get that many Snyders into one picture! They were watching a remote controlled airplane when this was taken.

For Dinner we had Biohazard, carrot sticks, and sandwiches.

Nicolea ready for gifts!!!

A happy girl at the birthday party!

"You can have any two things out of my bucket!"

"Do you want one of these?!"
What a nice brother!!!
(He had that bucket full of stuff he gathered on the beach and said she could choose three because it was her birthday! He always has something from his collection of things for each of us at our birthday! What a great brother!!!)

Nicolea with her new cool glasses Ezra bought her!

Wow, she has a great BIG brother!
How many of you got Amway pans for your 10th birthday?!

Emmaline made her a very nice stationary keeper.

Ezra and Malachi having fun in the water!

The Beautiful Pacific Ocean!!!

That's Waiheke Island and Ponui Island in the distance.
I love this picture!

The above two pictures were taken as the sun was starting to go down. It was shining really beautiful and the pictures do not do it justice!!!

~We did not take Nicolea's birthday cake to the beach so on Tuesday the nineteenth we had her cake and birthday dinner. Homemade PIZZA for dinner and she had brownies with triple chocolate ice cream on them and homemade chocolate sauce on top!

The six youngest minus Mercy.

How many of those can you blow?!

Nicolea and her brownies!


Jamie Parfitt said...

Very nice photo essay. I loved the scenery pictures. Even if the pictures do not do it justice, it was a pretty, sunny hillside. You will really have good memories, using these pictures. We just went through several months of pictures from England, looking for good pics of the girls for the father-daughter banquet. Many memories came flooding back. God bless you all.

Jillian and Emmaline said...

Thank you Mrs. Parfitt. We miss you all too.

Amy, Julia & Michaela said...

Wow I can't believe Nikki is 10!! Happy birthday Nikki! We miss you all!
The pictures are beautiful and Linda! Wow, what a chunker! She's a cutie pie! It seems funny that you have another little one that we've never met!
God bless! Love y'all!