April 19, 2015

Karina and Yorleny

 We have been helping Karina and her mother for about 3 months. She was very malnourished when we meet her. So we talked her mom into letting us take her to a hospital for malnourished children.
 There they put the two of them in a room and tried to tell Yorleny how to take care of her baby better. But she does not like to be told what to do so she would not listen; and the baby was not getting well. So last week they separated them. Now this sweetie is in a Children's home for malnourished children and her mother is back here in Siguatepeque.

Here are some pictures of Karina

The night before she went to the hospital.

The rest of these are at the Hospital.

Look how small she is compared two moms hand,
(and she is over one years old)

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