November 21, 2014

House Pictures

Sorry this quick posts got left in our drafts... but here is some pictures for those who asked! 
Our cozy little house that we´ve been blessed with!

Our ¨kitchen area¨in the house! And behind those shelves of kitchen stuff is our parents ¨bedroom.¨

The lounge area and were the younger ones sleep. There beds are folded and put into our girls room when we have company over or church activities here at the house.

Our older girls room! 
(We´ve slidden the beds together and put quite a few girls in here at once!)

Our closet, wall, and bookcases that the boys made!
(Clothes, Bibles, books, school supplies, games, shoes, sewing stuff and so on and so forth.)

Our kitchen across the patio outside... and our washer machine as well.

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