April 22, 2014

Our Stay with the Parfitts

The Parfitt family has gracious opened there home to us twice in the last month. Once for a few days when we were traveling through and then again a couple weeks ago during our missions conference at our home church. They have all visited us in New Zealand are like our second family so it was great to get to spend some time with them! :) So he's some pictures of our time together.

Nikki and Annabelle playing Dutch Blitz.

Emmaline showing the girls pictures from our trip to Honduras. 
(You have to love the girls 'dressup' hats.)

Sunday morning we woke up to snow covered world! :) Yay! :) 

Heading for church and then off to Alabama. 

My Linda

David and Reese

Our missions conference was a huge challenge to all us to get out witnessing more. To "Break Up the Norm" as one of the sermons was titled. So Thursday afternoon we spent out at the University in Geneseo, Thursday night after church we went from store to store in Brockport witnessing (Which resulted in amazing conversations... praise the Lord!), Friday afternoon we spent at the University in Brockport, and Saturday we went out door knocking. It was great to serve the Lord and see many seeds planted. 

Everyone will take a gospel tract from a cute little girl. ;)

Matthew witnessing to a few University students.

Singing at the University

Annabelle and Mercy witnessing to a couple ladies.

 Back at home...

A bunch of us playing a geography game one evening.

Naomi and Mercy

Don't ask home many hours we spend going through atlas' and talking about different countries and places we've been. 

Mrs. Parfitt and I working on button holes. A project we will never forget. :)

Thank you for opening you house to us, Parfitts. We totally enjoyed our time. :) 

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