August 20, 2013

Visit at Grandmas :)

Last Saturday, while we were in Maine, we had a family picnic with my Mom's side of the family. It was fun to catch up and get to see everyone again. We also had the blessing of getting to sing for them for awhile and play our instruments. Sunday Grandma, Aunt Paula, and Cousin Jessica with her kids came to church with us in the morning and then Grandma and Aunt Paula went to another church with us in the evening. Praise the Lord! :) And Monday I had the fun of going out for breakfast with Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Paula and then going shopping. It'd been five years since we'd been up their so we thank God for the opportunity to see them all again!

Blowing Bubbles

Dominic - He's such a cutie!


\Hanging out...

Birthday time for all the birthdays in August... and we have a heap of those.

Grandma, me, and Aunt Paula

Mama and her mother :)

Linda helping Auntie with the cake.

Our Ice-cream Servers

Singing for our family.

Helping my little cousins make s'mores. :)

Brianna and I

- Concentration -

Emmaline helping the girls roast there marshmallows.

Payton had a blast with her Marsh-mellow... for at least twenty minutes she attempted to cook it and roll it in the mud and so on. And when she was through we made her a new one to eat.

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