May 8, 2012

Some Family Pictures :)

 Emmailne :)

 Us three oldest girls :)

 :) me and my sis :)


 The four youngest girls... Felicty, Alicia, Linda, and Uniquee!

 Felicity and I! :)

 Us four oldest girls!

 All 12 of us! :)

 The Girls! :)

 And one with Mom! :)

All the men! :)

That's all for this post... just thought you all might like to see some pictures of us all from last week! :) We are all doing well and keeping busy... I'll post soon again... Lord willing! :)


juli said...

Aw, it was so good to see pictures of everyone, I loved them. Makes me miss you all alot! We think of you often and would love to come visit......maybe someday!! We were just talking about when you stayed w/ us for 5 weeks when Alicia was born. :)

Ken and Carole Tetrault said...

Wonderful pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! It was great to see them! I miss you girls! Hope you have a great day.
~Halle Glushefski

Victoria said...

I'm so happy you posted these pictures. It's good to see everyone & you girls are beautiful!!! Looking forward to seeing you graduate in a few weeks.

Jamie Parfitt said...

Very nice collection of pictures. Where were the stones and plants? Is that your back yard? A park? You had a patient photographer! :-)
Love, Mrs. Parfitt

Emmaline Snyder said...

The pictures were taken at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.