February 19, 2012

Our Saturday and Sunday...

~On Saturday we went up to Hillsbourgh, Auckland and went door knocking with the Magallanes' in the morning. Then we had a good time of fellowship and a great meal at the Magallanes' house with about four other families. After that we had a small service: sang some songs and then my Dad preached. And then today was a busy Sunday of Church and Bible Club. So, here's some pictures from the last two days...

 Singing at the Magallanes' on Saturday.

 Dad preaching.

Matthew teaching on Sunday Morning. 

 Independent Baptist Church

 Paul leading music.

 And my Dad preaching again! :)

 Tiffany on the way to Bible Club. She was so excited about her skirt! :)

 Some kids walking with Matthew.

Tiffany, Dean, and Whitiora
They were waiting in the drive way for us with there Club Shirts on and Bibles all ready to go when we got to there house today. 

 Bible Club

 Mr. and Mrs. Magallanes holding David and Linda during the lesson. The kids love them! :)

Singing :)

Emmaline working on verses with Laaquesha. 

Andy working on verses with Sonny. 

Alicea working with me(Jillian) on her Studies. We were doing Noah's Ark today! 

And game time... Supper Dodge Ball :)

I hope you all had a good weekend as well. May the Lord bless you this coming week!

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Victoria said...

I thought I had commented on this! It's so good to see your ministry in action! May you see much fruit from your labors.