June 15, 2011


Ok, I know people wanted more pictures from the time while the group from our home church was here so here's some and there's more coming! One afternoon while the group was here we made Pavlova, which is a traditional NZ pudding! So here's some pictures everyone working on it... it takes a bit of work but is well worth the work! :)

Go, Reese... and don't let that bowl slip, Joe!
Well, maybe 18 egg whites at once is a lot!

Matthew's turn.

Team work!

While it was cooking we all played Risk!

Elianna working on the whipped cream!

Mercy, Emmy, and El


Hmm... what are you up to???

Felicity and Alicia eagerly waiting/watching!

Fellowshiping that evening after supper waiting while for us girls to finish the toppings.

The finished product!

It was SO nice and tons of fun to make together!


Carole in Maine said...

Looks yummy! I enjoy all your pictures! God Bless!

Elliott Parfitt said...

Looks like you guys had a good ole time! Hard to believe that good-lookin' fella is my brother Reese!;-)

Hannah said...

That day was sooo much fun, and that pavlova was AMAZING! The guys did a great job! lol Miss u