March 9, 2011

The first few days with the Old Paths group!

Last Saturday a group of six people from our home church arrived!  We have a had a great time over the past few days cooking cleaning, singing, playing, witnessing, and just fellowshipping together! Its been a bigger blessing to us then we can explain! So here's a bunch of pictures from the first three days and I'll be posting more.

Emmaline and Elianna making chicken tacos for tea!

Hannah chopping the toppings.

Singing the songs of Zion together!
Our church on Sunday morning; it was quite full! 

Pastor preaching!

Mrs. Folk and Mrs. Quilty fellowshipping! 

Emm and Hannah practicing chalk art!

Elianna helping Mom out with leading the music at Bible Club!


All the kids lined up for game time.

Pastor talking with a bunch of our faithful club kids.



From left the right, me (Jillian), Elianna, Joesph, and Reese. The kids were SO thrilled with the instruments.


A bunch of kids playing games at our house.

Elianna serving Milo! 

The guys all ready to go out letter boxing.

Us girls walking to the area we were going to letter box.

Playing at a park after letter boxing.



Hannah and Unieqee

Joe and Ezra

Hannah and Emmaline

Watching a beautiful sunset together.

And there is our Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in pictures! More coming...


juli said...

aw how neat that you have them there! Miss you guys!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad you are having a good time.

Rebekah said...

Looks like a GREAT time! You're all in our prayers!

Jamie Parfitt said...

Thanks for posting pictures. I didn't think to look until today!