November 17, 2010

Kariotahi Beach

A few weeks ago we had to rent a second car to go to the city and get new passports so then we took the afternoon off and went to the beach! We took one girl from our neighborhood that was over and we had a great time. We all had fun playing in the sand, the water, and relaxing! So here's a few pictures of our from afternoon!

Kids playing in the water!

The girls playing in the sand.
The Black sand is so very soft!

Nicolea - can you tell???

:) Malachi will be Malachi :)

Tea time - great sandwiches and chips!

Ezra tried to do some fishing.

Ezra and Brooke-Lyn jumping waves!

Playing Ball!

Brooke-Lyn, Nicolea, and Mercy

The scenery is beautiful!

I have a few more pictures that I am not through editing yet but I will post them ASAP.

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juli said...

Wow, neat pictures! The water looks so refreshing. ;)