July 22, 2010

Baking Class

This past week Emmaline and I had the privilege of teaching some girls here how to do some baking! They loved the cookies that we bake for Bible Club and so there Mum asked if we could teach her girls! So they came over one afternoon and we taught them how to make chocolate Crinkles and Bread! Like so many around here they had never baked anything and are just used to going to the Bakery for bake goods. They so enjoyed it and were really excited about being able to make things like that at home. So here's a small look at our fun baking afternoon for you all!

Cylene kneading dough! It was quite interesting teaching someone how to knead but she got it!


Meleana making the cookies!

Via rolling cookies!

Eating the cookies!!!

After we were done with the cookies and while the bread was still rising we played UNO!

The girls we were working with!
(and I put there ages below there pictures)







Anonymous said...

Fun! :D Sounds delicious!

juli said...

That is so neat! The girls look like they are having alot of fun!!

Victoria said...

Looks like a great time. I can't believe how much Nikki looks like Emmaline - esp in that first pic!