August 27, 2009

Sunday Bible Club

~In June we started a Bible club for kids around here. It has been going well with ten to nineteen kids each Sunday. We have had a total of 18 kids stop in at one time or another and we have had it going for nine weeks, Praise the Lord! Some peaple at our home church bought us the set of Betty Luken Felts, so we have had fun cutting them out and using them. Here are some pictures from Sunday Bible Club.

Nicolea cutting out some felts.

Emmaline filing the felts in the file system that was bought for us.

(left to right) Jillian, Malachi, Miss Linda, and Felicity
cutting out felts.

The felts being used - This is the scene for Noah and the ark.

The girls' side of the room.

The boys' side of the room.

Mahena is only two and is not used to sitting still so Jillian took her to the back and let her color as that was more interesting then listening to the bible story!!!

The kids having biskets and juice after club.

(left to right) Christian, Lomex, Jerome, and Jeffery

Mia and Dyca

Mom doing the "MIDGET" bible club as they were in nap during club.


Arianna said...

Aw, that's awesome that so many children heard about God! Kids are a big part of our ministry, too :) Each Sunday we have 40-60 kids come, so we have a full house! I love that so many people are hearing about God's Word <3
And I remember cutting out all of those Betty Lucken (sp?) felts, too. Someone bought us the full set, so it took us awhile to cut them out :) We use them every week in Sunday School. Anyway, hope you all are doing well :)

amy said...

I wanna jump into those pictures and be there with you!! It makes me miss you a ton. What a blessing to have those kids come and learn the bible. True kiwis? They are so cute!

Bethany A. said...

That is so neat!! I'm so glad you are having so many opportunities to minister and witness. That Noah's Ark scene with the felts is SO neat!! It looks like it's all in one piece!!:)


Victoria said...

Looks like fun!!! Reaching the kids is so important (and the most fun, I'm sure)! I love keeping up w/ you all this way!

Nomad said...

We have Betty Luken felt here, too. But I haven't had the time to cut it out! Ack! Guess I'll do it week by week, cutting only the pieces needed.

The pictures were wonderful to see. Thanks for posting!

~Lisa Matacchiera